The New Ajax Article Edit Page Concept (draft)

Issues to be addressed:

  1. What new types of article fields, or rather elements of the Article Edit page we need (e.g. images)?
  2. Image (and Multimedia) handling - inline (inserted via TinyMCE) and those to be used on home/section/article page in a predefined spot.
    • limit tiny to align left, right, center (optionally let the admin edit those CSS classes) and leave all the decisions regarding zooming, thumbnails, inclusion into mini-galleries, slide shows to the future attached image, or multimedia pane)?
    • ability to define frames corresponding to the required image sizes (including thumbnails), so that user can drag the available images onto one of these frames, and then be able to shrink to fit or crop (sort of like Web 2.0 applications let you crop your avatar). Another pane/tab???
    • avoid unnecessary duplication and confusion
  3. Topic handling - typeahad, add new topic option (for those with a right to do so - see #2809, except no popups but sliding panes)
  4. Screen layout -- this is what should be defined via article types, so I guess that should be revamped (create NewArticleTypeManagement? wiki for that) -- allow admins to fully customize the layout, rearranging the order of article edit screen elements, including the hard coded ones - Name, Author, On section/issue page - ability to hide those, if not in use) and lock it, later allow users to customize their own preferences within the rights they are given
  5. Translation - pane with the text in the original language, pane with the translation text, auto-scrolling simultaneously; leave room for interaction with machine translation tools (e.g. buttons saying, use google translation, or whatever, an online variant of Anaphraseus).
  6. Switches -
  7. Numeric

TBC micz: we might have this already... but if we add functionality, i think we should also add {{{ creation date created by last edit edited by }}}

Sava: Micz, if you are talking about the admin interface, the examples you give are not related to the topic here, but to the newly opened New Article Edit Screen concept and to the log all events feature - #2628. That said, we should have last edit sooner, at least in the logs see - #2668. If you are indeed talking about the admin interface, creation date is already there, the owner/creator is there. What's missing is the "last edit" and "edited by".