Contributing to Campsite

Welcome to the Campsite community! We are a group dedicated to delivering a multi-platform publishing system that combines maximum power, flexibility and ease of use for journalists and editors no matter how big or small their publishing endeavor may be. We appreciate your effort and support very much.

Here is how you can help:

  1. Document
  2. Localize and Translate
  3. Test, Report, Suggest
  4. Contribute Code
  5. Spread the Word
  6. Sponsor Development, Donate


Campsite documentation can benefit tremendously from your involvement.

If you are a web developer, you can help users like you avoid the reinvention of the wheel by contributing to the How To section of the Campsite manual, code examples in the reference part of the manual or howtos in this wiki. It will surely be appreciated far and wide.

If you are an end user, your volunteer effort to translate, edit and enhance the Campsite manual will bring Campsite to wider and more diverse user communities.

To sign up, send us an e-mail at contact(at) (we keep access to our documentation and wiki restricted to avoid spam)

Localization and Translation

Multilinguality is a cornerstone of Campsite. From day one (in mid-1999), we have been building Campsite on the premise that every user should be able to interact with the software and publish with it in her own language and alphabet (we even tricked other software that we relied on, e.g. MySQL, to accept Unicode even before it knew what Unicode was), unpeppered with English words. Everything within Campsite, be it the administrative user interface (backend) or content, can be translated.

The Campsite project has also pioneered the ease of use of localization. Our Localizer tool, available in every Campsite installation, was designed to enable non-technically minded users like you to find the most logical and intuitive (human-friendly) translation for any item in the user interface. Have a problem with the existing localization? Fix it in your own Campsite install and tell us about it!

Campsite documentation, the manual and this wiki, can also benefit tremendously from volunteer work of translators like you.

To sign up, send us an e-mail to contact(at) and we'll set you up with your very own localizer account on our dedicated localization server (or you can contribute by following the instructions provided here: Campsite Localization HOWTO) or an account for this wiki.

Testing, Bug Reporting and Feature Ideas

By volunteering as a tester, you can help us reduce the quantity of bug-fix releases and allow the developers to focus better on delivering new features and enhancements to Campsite. Similarly, each and every bug report is very valuable. And it is concise and well shaped feature ideas that really make our community tick.

To sign up, send us an e-mail at contact(at) (we keep access to our bug tracker and wiki restricted to avoid spam)

Contribute Code: Good Karma Guaranteed

If you are an open source advocate or developer willing to help independent news media survive and prosper worldwide, look no further: Campware's aim is to produce the best software tools for news media battling government oppression and media-conglomerate dominance. This is arguably one of the most important causes around, because many opinions, views, and assumptions are created by the media. Only by having a diverse set of views can we have hope to achieve or maintain open societies.

For more details on contributing code and a sample list of starter or more advanced outstanding tasks, see Our developer documentation is also a good starting point.

To sign up or contribute your own Campsite tweak or feature, send us an e-mail at contact(at) (we keep access to our bug tracker and wiki restricted to minimize spam).

Spread the Word

If you are a happy user (journalist, editor, web developer) tell us and the whole wide world about it!

Your promotion and partnership ideas are very welcome, as well as the logos you may have created to indicate that your site is running on Campsite.

Send us a mail with details of your site (the more the merrier, as we'll be revamping our Who's Using section) to contact(at) and put a link to our site ( A simple text link or a logo with a link, the choice is yours (a sample logo for your perusal is below).

Consider adding Campsite and other Campware banners to your rotation. You can find them attached below.

Sponsor Development, Donate

If you like Campsite, there are many ways to show your affection.

If none of the above suits you, you can still help us grow by sponsoring feature development (write to contact(at) or making a donation (tax deductible in the United States).

Thank you for your support!