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Sound card settings ignored

Reported by: douglas Assigned to: fgerlits
Priority: normal Milestone: 1.4.0-Monrovia
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In Campcaster as of [3362], settings for sound cards are being ignored. When a sound card other than the default is selected, a playback error occurs and the application locks up. From the console, an error message is displayed:

gstreamer error: Internal data stream error.

Changing the sound card back to the default sound card allows playback to work without errors, but only on the one card.

Thinking this was an incompatibility between PulseAudio and ALSA, I tried changing the notation to use the latest notation, i.e. to use the values given in the brackets with the command 'cat proc/asound/cards' (i.e. trying to use 'hw:CA0106,0' instead of 'hw:2,0') but this also did not work.

A similar problem was reported on the Campcaster support mailing list by user desmitsoulis:

    Hello ,
    we wish to be a new user of campcaster from a radio in Greece ..
    Actually ,I tried to install and configure campcaster to my ubuntu pc and something strange happens :
    I have two sound cards ,one Intel on Board and  one Audigy Creative .
    I configure cue audio and Live mode audio devices in options menu of campcaster
    like this way :
    cue audio  device :      hw:0,0
    Live mode audio device:  hw:1,0
    The result is that both of them play in one output device ( particularly use the Intel card ) . I Cannot understand that ..
    I send you also " cat /proc/asound/cards "  response :
    0 [ICH5           ]: ICH4 - Intel ICH5
                          Intel ICH5 with ALC658D at irq 17
    1 [CA0106         ]: CA0106 - CA0106
                          Audigy SE [SB0570] at 0xa000 irq 21

To replicate:

1) Use Ubuntu Jaunty (I haven't tried under Intrepid or Hardy).

2) Have multiple sound cards.

3) Select a sound card that is not the default in the Options menu in Campcaster Studio.

4) Quit and restart, and the error message will appear.

5) The gstreamer 'Internal data stream error' will occur.

6) Change the value back to the default sound card.

7) The playout will occur correctly, although all playout will occur on the same card.

8) Try changing the values to another card in the Options menu and click the 'Test' button

9) The playout will still be sent to the default card.

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