April 10, 2006

New Windows Installation HOWTOs for Cream and Dream

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Campware's Cream and Dream are management tools that manage a media organization's customer relationships and print circulation, respectively. What you may not know is that both tools can run under Windows 2000 and XP. New howto documents refine the original explanation for installing the software packages under Windows.

Both Cream and Dream can run under Windows because they were written using Java servlets.

The various components needed to run Cream and Dream - the PostgreSQL database server, Apache Tomcat servlet container and Java 2 SDK are all available for free download in Windows versions (PostgreSQL and Tomcat are both free and open source, while the Java 2 SDK is free of charge).

This means that media organizations have everything they need to install Cream and Dream, even on Windows computers. Free.

Click here to download the Cream customer relationship management (CRM) software and its accompanying Windows howto.

Click here to download the Dream print circulation and distribution management software and its accompanying Windows howto.


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