March 08, 2010

Campsite 3.3.5 Now On The Map!

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The first Campsite maintenance release of 2010 sees an update to the 3.3 Speedy release that includes a new template package, the ability to embed iframes (such as Google maps) within article text, plus a whole range of bug fixes and other enhancements.

Download Campsite 3.3.5 now!


  • New Template Package.

The Classic Template Package is now the default sample publication in Campsite. The template package serves both an educational and functional purpose - you can use these templates "out of the box," or to increase your understanding of how Campsite works, or as a base to create your own templates and skins. The Classic Template Package also features new modern designs and overhauled, comprehensive documentation. Download the new template package now or take a look at the improved documentation.

  • Insertion of maps and other iframes.

Embed your maps (Google, OpenStreetMap) or other iframe embedded item anywhere in the article text using the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor.

  • Improved multilingual search in the article search results list.
  • Improved template management on global (issue) level.
  • Enhanced logging of IP addresses for comments.


Bug fixes include:

  • URI options "next_items" and "previous_items" now working in plugins lists
  • The articles list no longer empty when issue or section not defined
  • Cache keys for database objects now match when using different character cases
  • Preview functions correctly when switching user in the same browser.
  • Topics list works correctly when multiple languages are used and cache is on
  • Obsolete function split() replaced for future PHP compatibility
  • Correct PHP version is checked during installation process
  • Published articles from "Not published" issue no longer listed in "list_articles" when ignore_issue or issue constraints used
  • The list of issues now accepts the publish_date parameter
  • Attachment file can now be selected when description has quotes.
  • Fixed email notifiers setting invalid content type for email
  • Pagination improved in poll plugin
A full list of the new enhancements and bug fixes can be found on this Campsite Trac report.

Campsite is a community effort and help is always appreciated. If you like Campsite and would like to help it develop even faster, please find some time to read the How to Contribute section of the Campsite wiki!



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