December 26, 2009

Campsite 3.3.4 Under the Tree!

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We are happy to announce the release of Campsite 3.3.4, a maintenance release of the 3.3 "Speedy" branch. Happy Holidays!

Download Campsite 3.3.4 now!

The main enhancements Campsite 3.3.4 brings are:


  • New Issue and section constraints for article lists (a time-saving feature for Campsite web developers)
  • Option to enable browser-based spell checking (Firefox) for all article fields

Bug fixes include:

  • Several issues when APC cache is on (updating of the blog plugin screen, article reordering, updating of the Article Edit screen, published articles not showing up immediately on the front end)
  • URI options "next_items" and "previous_items" not working in plugins lists
  • IMG inserted via TinyMCE editor wrapped in table tags
  • Conflicting sections can be created in different issue translations
  • Cyrillic characters are not displayed properly in TinyMCE Campsite image plugin popup
  • Special chars do not work properly in image caption and alternative texts
  • Notice message breaks image display
  • Slash character can not be used in the image description fields
  • IP address authentication does not work

For a full list of new features and bug fixes, please see this Trac report.

Campsite is a community effort and any help is appreciated. If you like Campsite and would like to help it develop even faster, please find some time to read the How to Contribute section of the Campsite wiki.


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I can't extract this file,meet some error,please check it.
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