October 16, 2009

Campsite 3.3.3 Has Been Released!

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We are very pleased to announce Campsite 3.3.3, a maintenance release of the 3.3 "Speedy" branch. Along with nearly 30 bug fixes, this round-number release brings several useful new features.

Download Campsite 3.3.3 now!

The main enhancements Campsite 3.3.3 brings are:

  • Online template editor (EditArea) now highlights Campsite template language properly
  • Topics attached to an article are displayed in a tooltip on mouseover in section view
  • Smarty template engine upgraded to the latest stable version
  • HTML anchors are now insertable via the TinyMCE rich text editor
  • Updated Russian, Belarusian, and Spanish localizations
  • Online Interview and Blog plugins are now fully localizable

Bugs fixed include:

  • Several upgrade process bugs (autopublish,.httaccess and plugin related)
  • A table is no added within paragraph when inserting images via the TinyMCE editor
  • Image resize ratio field is no logner mandatory in System Preferences
  • Quality of automatically generated thumbnails has been improved
  • TinyMCE text editor no longer filters the anchor tag
  • Topic objects are now cached properly
  • Long image captions no longer cause images to occupy wider space than necessary
  • Search indexer now properly filters out invalid words and does not leave out valid words
  • Image resizing ratio is no longer reset when editing an article
  • Topics with names that contain digits are now properly recognized in the template language
  • The Blog plugin now works well with APC cache
  • The code that sends Campsite system notifications has been fixed, so Campsite no longer floods admin mailboxes in case of noncritical problems
  • Several localization bug fixes (including the Author field label)
  • Order option for topics list and article switches now work as documented
  • The obsolete PHP function split() has been removed from Campsite code

For a full list of new features and bug fixes, please see this Trac report.

Campsite is a community effort and any help is appreciated. If you like Campsite and would like to help it develop even faster, please find some time to read the How to Contribute section of the Campsite wiki.

Follow Campsite and other Campware development more closely via Twitter and Identi.ca (@campware). For more deatails, read this article.