August 20, 2009

Campsite 3.3.2 is Here!

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We are happy to announce Campsite 3.3.2, a maintenance release of the 3.3 "Speedy"  branch. Along with more than two dozen bug fixes, the new release brings several useful new features.

Download Campsite 3.3.2 now!

The main enhancements Campsite 3.3.2 brings are:

  • Easier installation in php-cgi environments
  • Expanded topic-filtered articles list, allowing, among other things, for easier creation of nested navigation menus
  • Improvements to the campsite-backup script, which makes database backups smaller
  • Installer now warns more explicitly that register_globals PHP setting should be OFF
  • Sections are now ordered alphabetically instead of by section number in the advanced search dropdown

Bugs fixed include:

  • Automatic bug reporting doesn't work
  • Add article topic field tries to clear cache while cache is not enabled
  • Unable to delete an template, if (another one) is not readable
  • System preferences are not saved in proper PHP syntax
  • Using section select field in the search form crashes the template
  • The article indexer does not filter out invalid words
  • The value of the issue date input field can't be modified
  • The URI function returns null if there was no published issue
  • The articles list ignores false values of ignore_* options 
  • Warning messages when cache enabled and displaying URL
  • The calendar doesn't work in the search form when no translation found
  • The publish date calendar in the article edit screen doesn't work
  • Unable to convert the character set of the file
  • Invalid syntax in sample templates
  • The audioclip select window does not close on submit

For a full list of new features and bug fixes, please see this Trac report.

Campsite is a community effort and any help is appreciated. If you like Campsite and would like to help it develop even faster, please find some time to read the How to Contribute section of the Campsite wiki.



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