July 14, 2009

Campsite 3.3.1 is Out!

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We are pleased to announce Campsite 3.3.1, a maintenance release of the 3.3 "Speedy"  branch. Along with 20+ bug fixes, the new release brings several useful new features.

Download Campsite 3.3.1 now!

The main enhancements Campsite 3.3.1 brings are:

  • Easier template editing (choose template on edit template screen)
  • Several blog plugin templating iimprovements
  • Full CSS control over the look of Subheads

Bugs fixed include:

  • Internal links don't work if style or class is added to tag
  • Plain text paste popup mangles valid HTML tags
  • XML import does not support empty fields -
  • Sorting articles by comments works with unaproved comments too
  • The configuration.php file is not regenerated by the upgrade script
  • APC can be enabled even it's not installed -
  • TinyMCE doesn't read custom caption and alt text when image properties are re-edited
  • TinyMCE Insert Image popup defaults to first image regardless on what image is selected for re-editing
  • Editarea template editor messes up lines on syntax highlighting
  • list_articles fails if topic was set

For a full list of new features and bug fixes, please see this Trac report.

Campsite is a community effort and any help is appreciated. If you like Campsite and would like to help it develop even faster, please find some time to read the How to Contribute section of the Campsite wiki.



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