May 09, 2009

Campsite 3.2.2 Has Been Released!

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We are pleased to announce that we have released Campsite 3.2.2, a significant upgrade to our content management system for news publications.

Download Campsite 3.2.2  now!

The new release brings the following features:

    * Article attachments in article edit mode via TinyMCE editor
    * Image shrinking for images inserted by TinyMCE
    * Integration of Media TinyMCE plugin and Article media files
    * Add image derivates cache
    * Rename "Import legacy archive" into "Import XML" in Actions menu
    * List most recently commented articles and most recent comments
    * Ordered "Clear System Cache" and "Import Legacy Archive" in Action Menu
    * List most recent comments / most recently commented articles
    * Implement custom size parameters for text edit fields
    * Plugin update functionality

Bugs fixed:

    * Blog plugin: Add confirmation for user that images have successfully uploaded
    * Blog plugin: Add option to automatically resize image
    * Adding new content to the blog is broken because of the lack of validation
    * Blog plugin: Allow some HTML tags
    * Information about writable directories is missing
    * It's not possible to create new interview
    * Blog plugin: published/creation date renamed
    * Interview plugin admin: input validation failed
    * Article edit screen: >Save All< does not save topic fields
    * Adding a blog on new install, without having image generates error
    * Comments not appearing in admin interface
    * Import script doesn't report omitted content
    * Password strength meter rates passwords generated by strong password generartor as weak
    * Login action always returns error
    * The sections list is empty when the issue or language were not set
    * The issues list is empty when the language was not set
    * Garbage remains in the database after article delete
    * Misspelled list name in search list error reporting
    * The subscription by publication action is not handled properly
    * Constraints in articles list do not accept dynamic fields
    * Type parameter in articles list constraints does not accept case insensitive values
    * Blog plugin: form smarty plugins does not respect template parameter
    * Advanced setup and sytem preferences screen are not documented
    * Blog plugin: delete child object on delete blog/blogentry
    * Invalid article selection in articles list on topic exclude constraint
    * Crash when submitting comments
    * Blog plugin: Column "published" have to replaced by "date"
    * Interview plugin: Fix the limit parameter for lists
    * Poll plugin: Fix the limit parameter for lists


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