There are two main types of support options available for Campsite: free support and guaranteed support.

Free support is available through the campsite-support mailing list and is provided by community members, including Campware developers. you'll find more instructions about it at the bottom of this page.

Guaranteed support means having priority over free support, and a response to your problem guaranteed within 24 hours of you filing your problem. If necessary, the developers will log into your server to find or fix the problem. Any bugs in the software are covered - you have it in writing that we'll fix them

We currently offer two types of guaranteed support:

Incident Support - the price is $80 per hour. The service is provided within 24 hours after the payment has been made (an estimate of the duration of the work will be provided beforehand by Campware developers. You can pay online via our Digital Kiosk service.

Subscription Support - this entitles you to five hours of support per month at a discounted rate. You also get backports of any bug fixes to the version of the software you are running, as well as custom releases. Response time is much quicker than "Incident" support because no prior estimate must be made before we start working on the problem and payment has already been taken care of.

One Month
$350 (or $70 per hour)
Three Months
$900 (or $60 per hour)
Six Months $1,500 (or $50 per hour)
One Year
$2,700 (or $45 per hour)

To sign up or obtain additional information write to

Full details of the contract can be found in the attached Campsite Priority Support agreement.

All proceeds go toward the maintenance of the Campsite project.

Campsite-support mailing list and forum

If you have any questions concerning Campsite, please subscribe to our support list by clicking here.

There is an authentication process that validates your email address, so subscribers need to respond to an email from the Sympa mailing list server.

Once you validate your address, you can send all your questions regarding Campsite implementation to:

You can browse support list archives at:

Alternatively, you can visit the Campsite Support forum. The forum and the list mirror each other.

Campsite-dev mailing list

If you would like to join the ranks of Campsite developers or just find out what the developers are talking about, you can subscribe to the campsite-dev list by clicking here

You can browse development list archives at:

Alternatively, you can visit the Campsite Development forum. The forum and the list mirror each other.