September 19, 2007

Campcaster 1.2.1 released

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A minor bugfix release of Campcaster is now available for download either from SourceForge or from the Campware Ubuntu/Debian repositories.

Bugs fixed in the Campcaster 1.2.1 release include:

#2224 - Resource bundle error under Debian Etch

#2228 - The PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable is ignored by the configure scripts. This one is important for users installing Campcaster from tarballs.

#2239 - Campcaster Studio not communicating with RDS unit on serial port. RDS features now work correctly and have been tested with the excellent and affordable Pira32 RDS encoder. (Many thanks to the Pira team for lending us a Pira32 for testing!)


Posted 2008-05-29 13:23:59 by
Posted 2008-08-07 21:12:39 by
muy bueno
Posted 2008-09-12 18:28:47 by boban
bobo slobo
Posted 2008-10-24 16:55:43 by
I just wanted to mention that the demo has not been functional for a bit now. It might be me, i dont know. Is the demo not active or is it me?
Is this still a live project?
Posted 2008-11-01 16:22:44 by jim
First, let me say, I am SO happy to see the activity with the Campsite CMS! But, there has not been a lot of activity with the Campcaster. When I say, "activity," what I mean is updates, upgrades, enhancements, etc. I think that Campcaster is EQUALLY as important as the Campsites CMS! I really-REALLY hope that there will be a major update to Campcaster and that this project will become highly "active" again! :-)
Tried to make a comment on 1.4 beta post
Posted 2008-12-12 08:37:02 by Jim
I tried to make the following comment over on the 1.4 beta post, but there was an internal error or something, with code 2, so, I am posting here (hopefully): "I am so happy to see this! I am the one that posted the comment before, asking if the project was still alive. I am glad it is! I am eager for the next stable release to come out. I'll be one of the first to try it! I do need it to work on a Red Hat Linux server, web environment. It appears that it will once the stable is out. Can someone confirm?"
Demo doesn't work
Posted 2008-12-24 07:57:07 by Jim
I tried to go to your demo, but it doesn't work: . When will the 1.4 stable be out? I am eager to try it. (Also, you still haven't fixed the comment ability for the 1.4 Beta post, so, I am still having to comment here. Are you guys active? If I saw more activity here, I would be inclined to contribute.)
Still going
Posted 2009-04-01 11:49:13 by Douglas Arellanes
Hi, The Campcaster project is still going forward, but with the typical fits and starts of a community-based project. We're trying right now to fix a problem with compatibility with the latest Ubuntu releases, but it should work fine on 8.04 "Hardy."
fails to run
Posted 2009-05-10 17:26:19 by tony
Hi, I have tried to get campcaster running on ubuntu 8.04 (hardy heron) with no joy. The dapper release asks for libid3tag0 while the 1.4 release asks for unixodbc. When trying to compile source files of these, I get the error cannot compile executeables.
Funciona con errores
Posted 2009-10-20 22:45:16 by Osberto Salazar
Saludos a todos. Desde hace un año he intentado colocar Campcaster en UbuntuStudio. Tengo exito en la version 8.10 pero no me corre de maravilla. Quisiera que me recomendasen que version es mas estable: la 1.2.1 o la 1.4 beta?
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