February 05, 2007

NewAssignment.net: "Open Source Radio is a Sound Salvation"

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NewAssignment.net is a pioneering new journalism website/service/movement seeking to bring open source methods to reporting (you can read more about them here). They've just an article about Campcaster titled "Open Source Radio is a Sound Salvation," by Bess Kargman.

In the article, Kargman writes:

Campcaster is new open source software, launched by the Media Development Loan Fund, that essentially allows you to run your own station. It’s a bit like Pandora.com, where you can architect your own musical program and share it with others, but it comes with additional tools for audio broadcasting. Last month NewAssignment.Net wrote about Chicago Public Radio’s Secret Radio Project, which plans to air mostly user-generated content via a new format at a different frequency. Well, Campcaster essentially allows you to run your own station.
Best of all, Campcasting is free and on an open source platform, which means that anyone who knows code can make any changes to the software.


radio free
Posted 2007-04-09 20:55:46 by hayat_sanki_bana_zindan@hotmail.com
Open Source Radio for Africa
Posted 2007-05-04 11:58:34 by brendazulu2002@gmail.com
This kind of radio is good for Africa which can be used for sharing experiences in different countries.
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