Demo & Download

Campcaster Demo
Want to give it a try before installing? A demo of Campcaster's web interface is here:

Just click the "Login" button to get started. The user name and password should already be filled in for you, but if they're not, try username: root, password: q.

(Note there is also a powerful desktop interface to Campcaster, which provides more interactivity and faster response times, but you must install Campcaster to use it. The HTML interface is useful for remote automation.)

Campcaster Download
Campcaster only works on Linux operating systems. Don't have Linux? We recommend Ubuntu Dapper. Click there to download it (select the "desktop CD" version corresponding to your hardware; for most people, this is "PC (Intel x86)"). After downloading, burn it on a CD, put it in the computer and reboot.

* Ubuntu/Debian
If you have an Ubuntu or Debian system, and you are a newbie to Linux, just download and install the Debian packages.

If the installer complains about unfilled dependencies, then you need to enable the Universe repository.

If you have some experience with Linux, the better way is to add Campware to your list of apt-get repositories.

* All other Linux Distros
For other distributions you can install using the tarball and following the installation instructions. Click here to download Campcaster from SourceForge.


Installation and Setup Guide - this is a guide to help you through the setup process to get Campcaster up and running, and will probably answer most of your questions. Topics covered:

  • How to setup your sound cards
  • How to install from .deb packages for Debian/Ubuntu
  • How to use the mass import tool, which allows you to import entire directories into your Campcaster storage server
  • Backing up and restoring your storage server database