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Campsite is a free and open multilingual web publishing tool for news sites. It provides a robust, stable, and journalist-friendly solution for online magazines and newspapers.
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Campcaster Logo - No words
Campcaster is a free and open source automation system for radio stations. It provides live studio broadcast capabilities as well as remote automation in one integrated system.
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Cream logo
Cream is a free and open-source customer relationship management (CRM) system designed for media organizations.

Cream is designed to meet the unique demands publishers have, including features that allow subscription management, support for multiple products (print subscriptions, advertising, online subscriptions, books, etc.), customer communications (both incoming and outgoing), and easy-to-use reporting and analytical functions. Cream also enables publishers to track special offers, such as seasonal discounts and trade shows.
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Dream logo
A distribution-management system for print publications.

Dream helps publishers by providing ways of monitoring distribution, ensuring that publications get out to readers in the best possible way, and optimizing the number of returned copies in an edition.
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