As of version 3.2.1, Campsite is able to import XML content.

To do so, go to Actions/Import legacy archive (this will be renamed to Actions/Import XML in the 3.2.2 release ticket:#2832).

In the resulting dialog box, you'll have to select the Article type, Language, and Publication. You can also select the Issue and the Section; If you don't, all imported articles will be listed as pending (you can find them on Home/Pending Articles).

You then select the file to be imported. Then you decide whether overwrite existing articles or not. A click on Save launches the script, feedback on the number of imported articles is displayed on top of the screen. Potential errors are displayed in a box below.

Tip: If you are importing a legacy archive, make sure you have an article type that reflects the imported XML structure.


  • the current implementation allows for import of text only
  • Known bug: if the article type you selected contains fewer fields than the imported XML (FIX TERMINOLOGY), Campsite will not show any errors, just a success report on number of articles imported. ticket:#2820