We have used and abused Topics over the years to create innovative features for our sites and to overcome some of the rigidities of Campsite's original design.

With switches, enumerate type to be introduced in version 3.3 (#273), we can start using the topics as predefined categories/tags for content only. The goal would be to provide the best possible user interface for both the management of Topics and their use in the Article Edit screen. Think of the best possible ways to entice journalists and editors to add topics to their articles. In my view, it should be as easy or easier than adding tags in Wordpress.

Possible features on the Article edit screen (the most suitable YUI option equivalent to a popup should be chosen):

  • Type-ahead that checks for existing topics, allowing the fastest possible selection and disambiguation of different Topics
  • Search field?
  • Option to add a new topic for users with the rights to do so

Topic management features: LJUBO, please elaborate your ideas given in #2667