Multi-Platform Publisher

The concept of multiple platform "publisher" (a better term would be welcome) is that we should be able to better control the output of content from Campsite and allow easier (re)packaging of content. In other words, the publisher would provide a control user interface for a given publishing platform (microblogs-twitter, SMS, wap, mobile internet, output of RSS feeds, etc.).

Let's develop the basic concept using the example of a microblogging (e.g. Twitter) "publisher":

Control Interface

  1. Define sources that will enter the queue of tweets to be published:
    • input from the Edit Article Screen Publisher element (similar to Campcaster's scratchpad)
  2. Microblogging services: Connect to Twitter,, etc. (use the UI for inspiration)
  1. Tweet administration/management UI:
    • Field for entering individual tweets (character delimited, with countdown, e.g. what you have on or twitter). Options:
      • Send:sends it to the microblogging service and displays the sent item in the Queue Pane as sent
      • Add to Queue - adds the entered text to the Pending Tweet for later tweeting (or other editorial handling)
    • Pending Tweets pane: list of individual items waiting to be tweeted (updated automaticaly from sources defined under 1.). The pane should consist of a list of items in chronlogical order (but also sortable according to other table headings). The list could have the following headings:
      • Item Name
      • Source Status:
        • in progress (items with all statuses other than Published in Campsite)-- possibly print the Campsite status
        • final (all items from Campsite articles marked as Published)
      • Status (perhaps use color to differentiate):
        • Pending
        • Published
      • Delete
      • Statistics - clickthroughs, re-tweets, etc. (specify). Should be a slide-out pane. DEFINE FURTHER what info we need back