We need to be able to import databases from other CMSs and even legacy HTML-only sites.

To do so, we need to create a standard XML format that Campsite will be able to import and convert into custom pre-made article types (those would have to be created manually, unless a script could automate that as well):

The process would go like this:

Legacy DB --> Custom Script --> Standard XML --> Campsite Import Script --> Campsite DB

Standard XML format that Campsite 3.2.1 is able to import from is (the first version) is attached below (content.xml).

We will collect the custom scripts (Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, custom CMS, etc.) in this wiki.

First partial implementation of this is described in ticket:#2769

Further enhancements to the script that are necessary:

  1. Allow for import of images
  2. Allow for import of multimedia files and attachments (make sure it also works for embedded media)
  3. Pre-import parsing of the XML file to list the imported article names/headlines (with pagination) and potential errors.

Further enhancements to the admin interface:


Migration from Wordpress

  • We can take cues from Wordpress to blogger conversion utility: http://wordpress2blogger.appspot.com/
  • Wordpress sample export is attached below