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Article fields with semantic

Reported by: paul Assigned to: anonymous
Priority: normal Milestone: 3.5
Component: Article Types Version:
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Description (Last modified by mugur)

Have the ability give semantic to the article fields. For example, you can assign the property "Author" to the text field used for the Author. This gives us the ability to provide a good search interface.

Change History

04/05/05 20:35:14 changed by douglas

After putting together the spec for metadata handling in LiveSupport,
I have a couple of recommendations:    1) Use NewsML where feasible,
with 'dumbing down' to Dublin Core  2) The DCMI website has a lot of
useful info, and good FAQs  3) Use schema and not DTDs. It's more
painful in the beginning, but much more powerful in the long run  4)
If necessary, write a table mapping Campsite-specific fields to
NewsML. I'm pretty confident that Campsite fields will map pretty well
to NewsML  5) Using NewsML natively will mean super-easy
interoperability with feeds like Reuters'

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