Ticket #2727 (assigned enhancement)

Opened 7 months ago

Last modified 3 months ago

Replace "save/saved" button with icons and alt text

Reported by: sava Assigned to: holman (accepted)
Priority: low Milestone: 3.5
Component: Admin Interface Version:
Severity: feature Keywords:


The save/saved buttons are currently only in English. We should revert to the diskette icons (grayed out when saved),as strings in different languages can be long. We should have the localization for alt text though.

Change History

02/18/09 14:25:49 changed by holman

We will use localization for the buttons and implement the icons solution as part of the next release.

02/18/09 14:56:15 changed by holman

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02/18/09 14:56:37 changed by holman

  • milestone changed from 3.2.0 to 3.2.1.

Localization implemented in changeset:8499

03/13/09 19:15:31 changed by mugur

  • milestone changed from 3.2.1 to 3.2.2.

04/01/09 00:41:53 changed by sava

  • priority changed from high to low.
  • milestone changed from 3.2.2 to 3.3.

05/13/09 09:07:45 changed by mugur

  • version changed from 3.2.0-rc4 to 3.2.0.

05/13/09 18:38:43 changed by mugur

  • milestone changed from 3.3 to 3.4.

06/23/09 15:15:35 changed by mugur

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