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Web-based backup and restore

Reported by: douglas Assigned to: anonymous
Priority: normal Milestone: 3.5
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Description (Last modified by douglas)

Many Campsite users, especially those with installations on hosted servers, do not have access to the campsite-backup and campsite-restore shell scripts. This means that there are several intermediate steps involved, including using PHPMyAdmin to drop and import a database and copying over templates and other files.

This feature would provide a web-based option through the admin interface for backing up and restoring a Campsite instance, including the database, templates and attachments. This file would be written to a .tar.gz (or .zip) file.

Alternately, if a user chooses to restore an instance, they do the same process, but in reverse, uploading a .tar.gz file that contains the site backup.

This feature would also greatly help the ease-of-use for the installation of pre-made templates.

Ideally this feature would be schedulable on a regular basis, with the file sent to a location that the user chooses, such as an FTP server, Gmail or online backup such as an Amazon S3 bucket or box.net.

Because not all Campsite users may want the feature, it may be worth considering as a plugin.

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