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The Reuters-sponsored OpenCalais?? web service enables content producers to send unstructured text to them, which they then return with semantic structure attached. This can be used for such things as the automatic generation of tags, tag clouds, suggested links and links to Reuters content.

A Campsite plugin supporting OpenCalais?? would take Campsite article content at the time of article saving and would send the relevant article fields' content to OpenCalais?? for classification. At the same time, it would enable users to see their articles annotated with OpenCalais?? annotations (such as suggested links, automatic topic generation, etc.) From the OpenCalais?? site (http://www.opencalais.com):

The web service is an API that accepts unstructured text (like news articles, blog postings, etc.), processes them using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, and returns RDF-formatted entities, facts and events. It takes about 0.5 to 1.0 second depending on how big a document you send and the size of your pipe. You can send four transactions per second and 40,000 per day. You can use it for commercial and non-commercial applications. The rules are flexible: contact us if you have questions. Whew.

Entities are things like people, places, companies, geographies. Facts are relationships like John Doe is the CEO of Acme Corporation. Events are things that happened, like there was a natural disaster of type landslide in place Chula Vista. An example of pre-built PHP libraries can be found here: http://www.opencalais.com/node/289 An example of how a site uses OpenCalais?? to automatically generate tag clouds can be found here: Plugins for Drupal and Wordpress already exist, and may provide guidance on how to write such a plugin for Campsite. Drupal plugin: http://calais.phase2technology.com/ Wordpress auto-tagger plugin: http://www.dangrossman.info/wp-calais-auto-tagger/

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