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Interface to third-party content repositories

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This ticket is related to #2539 (Mass upload) and #2500 (Integration with Youtube).

There are a number of third-party content repository services that have relatively straightforward APIs, including YouTube?, Flickr, Picasa, Vimeo, Revver and Box.net. This feature would create the basis for these services and also be flexible enough to be adapted for other services.

As in #2539, there should be the ability to upload photos or other multimedia en masse. However, this ability should also be extended to include third-party services; for example, if a webmaster decides they want to use Flickr for their photos, they should be able to install a plugin into Campsite that would allow them to use their account to store and retrieve the photos.

Upload could occur as a mass upload and may be available as an API call, depending on the service.

Display could also utilize the service's API, either for the individual display of a content item or for the display of multiple content items, as in a photo gallery or collection of videos.

While there are advantages to a publisher keeping content on their own Campsite instance, there are also advantages to using a third-party service, mainly in bandwidth, existing community and content embeddability.

Ideally a single generic API plugin would be written, but would be adaptable enough to be used for multiple services with minimal changes to the plugin code. It may turn out to be more useful, however, to write one plugin for video, one for audio, and one for photos.

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