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Versioning for templates

Reported by: douglas Assigned to: anonymous
Priority: normal Milestone: 3.5
Component: Admin Interface Version:
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Campsite should be able to provide versioning information and tracking for templates for administrators and designers through an interface to a version control system such as Subversion for templates. This feature would have the following steps:

Upload of new template: A designer uploads a new template through the Campsite admin interface.

Handling the new template: Instead of simply uploading the files to a place on the filesystem, Campsite makes a call to a version control server, which then stores and tracks the file.

Display of available templates: The Campsite admin interface would allow users to

-- view the latest version of files -- view previous versions of files in a timeline or history view -- perform diff comparisons on template versions -- allow rollback to previous versions

More advanced version control features such as trunk and branch would not be supported at first, but could be added later.

Rights to the Subversion system would have to be inherited from Campsite; users without the right to alter templates would not be able to access the Subversion interface.

Ideally, the template tracking would allow previews of individual versions to assist designers in the debugging process.

Trac's Subversion interface, especially its history view for Wiki pages, could serve as an example for the feature.

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