Ticket #2506 (assigned enhancement)

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RSS support in template language for topics, authors, sections, etc.

Reported by: douglas Assigned to: mugur (accepted)
Priority: high Milestone: 3.5
Component: Template Engine Version:
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Description (Last modified by mugur)

Campsite's current support for RSS is handled somewhat externally; Tamamtech's special template or set of templates must be used in order to get RSS feeds output from Campsite.

Ideally, though, RSS support would be handled directly in the template language.

RSS feeds should be generated automatically, taking advantage of the 3.0 use of caching to create static pages friendly to all RSS aggregators. (Some aggregators have a hard time with RSS feeds generated dynamically).

I'm not sure what the best way to handle this would be. One possible way would be to handle it the same way the URI object is used.

An automatically-generated RSS feed could look like this. (Please excuse my lack of Smarty syntax.)

<a href={{URI}}>{{ print topic name }}</a><a href={{RSS}}><img src="rss.png"></a>

Preferences for RSS/Atom feeds could be set in a tab in the admin interface. This could handle parameters like:

- the length of the feed item

- the type of feed (RSS 0.91, RSS 2.0 or Atom)

- link to a CSS stylesheet for formatting

- whether the posts should automatically include attachments (not sure how to resolve multiple attachments, though, as RSS only allows one attachment per post)

Development time estimation: 5 days

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