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Automatic article placement based on visitor interest ("heat detector")

Reported by: douglas Assigned to: anonymous
Priority: normal Milestone: 3.5
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After the introduction of site statistics for Campsite (the long-awaited 'Tracker'), one useful feature to be implemented in the template language would be a set of directives based on site visitation statistics.

The main use case for this feature would be to allow publishers to place articles more prominently based on site visitor interest. A directive or directives could allow template designers to include site visitation as a condition, such as "if article views > [1000] in last [hour]" which could then be used to dynamically change article prioritization.

This would give webmasters at least a subset of the features offered by sites such as Digg, which automatically rank submissions based on reader interest.

An additional feature could actually take 'Diggs' or other social media rankings into account when determining article prioritization.

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