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Farsi Language support

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Farsi language requires some more changes to get it working with Campsite, from Arman:

But just noticed that when you add a language, the form asks for the names of the months. The Persian calendar is based on solar system and starts from the birth of Islam [some big thing to do with the prophet Mohammad going from one city to another]. So the first day of a new year is on the spring equinox, on 21th March. And the year is currently 1385. It is not correct to equate January with a Persian month because there is usually a 9 day difference. I can not tell how campsite works this out. But I'm sure there is way round this because many Farsi sites have the correct calendars functioning.

So perhaps the Farsi localization is more than just simple translation of strings or right to left (RTL) in the templates or in the Farsi css.

I looked at the Arabic translation. The Arabic calendar is based on the Lunar system i.e. a month is 28 days. I'm certain that for the Arabic calendar to be correct someone must have modified the code. Because as it stands as simple translation of European months it would not produce a correct Arabic date.

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