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Display image thumbnails in the templates

Reported by: mugur Assigned to: anonymous
Priority: normal Milestone: 3.5
Component: Template Engine Version:
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thumbnails should probably be set similar to article types.

when uploading an image you will then be asked in a pulldown which *image type* you are uploading. e.g. - title image - section banner ... or whatever the admin defined.

in the image type setup you can specify the size. how that would be done we need to discuss. the idea could / would be something like - force 200x200 - either 200 wide or 150 wide (calculate other value in proportion)

or something like that.

the template might expand the 'if image' logic like the 'if article' logic?

e.g. "if image type gallery"

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Impossible to implement in the 2.6 timeframe. I would need about 2 weeks for implementation. Also, we don't have the detailed specs.

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