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Campsite/Cream integration for newsletter support

Reported by: paul Assigned to: anonymous
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Use case: Newsletters would be automatically sent out three times a day for each section.

Implementation: Sync the customer lists, Campsite sends its customers to cream using the Cream API (or vice-versa) and will need to implement an XML-RPC layer for reading customers data from Cream. To synchronize products, implement Campsite module for defining product ID for volatile combination of publications and sections. In Cream, allow user to specify a URL for the newsletter. Cream fetches the newsletter from Campsite by fetching a URL. Cream newsletter scheduling: create newsletter templates with external URL and define the periodicity of sending (e.g every day at 10:00, 13:00, and 16:00; every week - monday at 3:00 AM, every month on 24th day at 3:00 AM). Upgrade script required. Documentation required.

Estimate: 6 days design + 10 days XML-RPC for Users + 5 days product ID Campsite module + 1 day upgrade script + 2 days documentation + 5 days for Cream changes design + 15 days for Cream changes coding = 44 person-days

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