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Combine multiple binaries into "campsite-admin"

Reported by: paul Assigned to: mugur
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Description (Last modified by mugur)

Instead of having "campsite-create-instance" and "campsite-restore-instance", etc., have one binary called "campsite-admin" that takes multiple arguments, like "campsite-admin create". If "campsite-admin" is executed without a command, it will print the help. If a command is executed without arguments, it should also print the help (something which does not currently happen).

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There are only four utilities: create_instance, remove_instance, backup_instance and restore_instance. I doubt we would gain much by having a single campsite_admin script. Instead, I would have to spend a lot of time rewriting scripts, implementing complex code for processing the multitude of parameters, instead of focusing on what is really important: new campsite features. Conclusion: IMHO it's not worth it. The current scripts work just well.

10/20/05 14:57:56 changed by paul

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Ok, but lets not close it. Moving it to the far future. Anything that makes it easier to use campsite is a good thing.

10/20/05 16:31:20 changed by anonymous

We also need to give these scripts names that clearly identify them with campsite (so that people don't run them by mistake). There is some good logic to naming as Paul suggested: it would be in line which cvs, svn, mysqladmin, which use syntax like

cvs add mysqladmin drop campsite svn merge ...etc

We should move to using hyphens instead of underscores as well -- much more standard way of naming files, eg update-desktop-database, and all other GNOMEish commands.

So, if you don't want to wrap them into one, fine, but at least consider changing to

campsite-create campsite-backup campsite-restore campsite-remove

...Something like that?

03/22/06 21:35:04 changed by mugur

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