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Design frontend search engine

Reported by: paul Assigned to: anonymous
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Write up the design for the new frontend search engine.

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08/12/05 19:54:17 changed by paul

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08/13/05 06:31:20 changed by johnpye

There was some talk a while ago of using mnogoSearch or similar, wasn't there? I think there are some new players out there - I take it the idea is to incorporate a heavyweight free search engine that already exists? A website crawler, or database level indexer?

08/13/05 07:28:56 changed by paul

yes, the current favorite is swish-e, but if you have a better suggestion please let me know.

08/13/05 08:36:22 changed by johnpye

It looks like swish-e is going to let you down when it comes to UTF-8 / unicode etc.

Check out this thread: http://swish-e.org/archive/2005-03/9278.html

The suggest using htDig or Lucene. Lucene's DotLucene? port (runs with Mono) is being used by the Beagle project and might be interesting to look at. Also think about ASPseek and mnogoSearch.

I found a nice list here: http://www.searchtools.com/tools/tools-opensource.html

08/13/05 11:00:44 changed by paul

We have a patch that deals with the UTF-8 problem in swish-e.

Lucene is Java(which is currently non-free) and looks like a lot of work to get going. We dont want to put java back in after we managed to get rid of it a couple releases ago.

htDig i'm not sure about yet.

08/13/05 13:13:17 changed by johnpye

dotLucene compiles with Mono, I believe. It would be easy to give it a test run by installing beagle on your local machine.



08/14/05 12:03:24 changed by paul

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Ok, I've given Lucene a closer looker and found this wonderful project: http://pylucene.osafoundation.org/

A python wrapper around a gcj-compiled lucene. Amazing! See the README: http://svn.osafoundation.org/pylucene/trunk/README

08/15/05 10:38:03 changed by paul

Here's another one I found: http://www.xapian.org/

08/31/05 11:38:43 changed by paul

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08/31/05 14:32:08 changed by john

More on Lucene: http://clucene.sourceforge.net/

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