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the home button is too prominent in the main menu

Reported by: sava Assigned to: anonymous
Priority: normal Milestone: zero
Component: Admin Interface Version: 2.4.0
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Description (Last modified by paul)

Content is king, and yet it takes the second place to Home, a mere convenience view in Campsite. You can already reach home from anywhere in Campsite by clicking on the logo in the left corner. It clutters the interface unnecessarily. Find a new home for Home. (Either put it back where it was, de-iconizing it, or think of something more clever).

Change History

07/01/05 15:05:34 changed by paul

All navigation should stay in the same place, it should definitely not
be moved back to where it was.  I dont see anything wrong with where
it is now.  Perhaps make the icon smaller or something, but thats all.

07/01/05 16:27:20 changed by sava

The home Icon has no place in the most important location in the menu,
especially not being a menu heading. So it *has* to move.

07/25/05 09:53:04 changed by paul

I suppose charles must be the last word on this, I moved it to its
current location because of the latest screenshots.  I like it where
it is since it keeps all of the navigation in one place, and I think
users are used to this type of layout - most applications do it this
way.  The home page will expand over time, and will become more and
more useful.  Most of the time I find myself going to this page
because it is easy to jump to the latest stuff you've created.  It
contains the most relevant content ("content is king").

07/25/05 16:28:41 changed by charles

well i agree that usually home takes its place on the left side of the
navbar, and that's where most users expect to find it. However if the
consensus is that it needs to move, another thing that makes sense is
to remove the home button, and have the logo work as a home button.
this is also a well established convention.

07/27/05 13:54:07 changed by paul

Still unresolved, and Sava has yet to make a convincing case against
Charles and I.  Mambo's main menu is laid out just the same as ours,
with the home button in the same place.  I suggest we try what we have
now and once people try it out, we can ask for feedback on the dev
list.  Postponing this issue to 2.4.

07/27/05 13:54:32 changed by paul

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07/27/05 21:30:34 changed by sava

OK, I'll come up with a convincing argument to keep our interface
uncluttered. I expect other users to back me up. I repeat, to have a
non-dropping, redundant (you can get the same result by clicking on
the logo--and for the newbies, you could leave a message on the home
page that by clicking on the Campsite logo, you can always go back
home) item on the most important place in a dropdown menu is
counterintuitive. I don't really care about what Mambo does, sure it
is pretty, but you can't say it is uncluttered. I don't want us to be
like Mambo; we can do better than that within our niche. The place for
Home should be with the re-vamped breadcrumb navigation, but I rest my
case until version 2.4 (or 2.3.1 ;).

09/05/05 22:46:22 changed by paul

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03/22/06 21:38:21 changed by paul

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