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Template packages

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Include template packages in the campsite distribution so that people dont have to setup common configurations. This would include an SQL file to add article types to the database. Example: news package, blogger package, etc.

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07/05/05 16:33:47 changed by john

This is a great idea. It should be possible to bundle them up as a
single file, maybe you'd call it a 'theme'.    Ideally you could
install them either as RPMs / DEBs etc, or also via file upload to the
admin site.    When creating a new publication you would want to be
asked if you wanted to use an existing theme, browser campware.org for
new themes, upload a theme, or start with a completely blank
publication ('advanced').    It would be useful to template developers
as well if you could download your theme from a 'dev' server when
finished, and then upload it to your live system.    Does this overlap
with the create_instance stuff? Or more just with the template
uploading stuff?

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