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WAV is an "unsupported file type"

Reported by: paul Assigned to: nebojsa
Priority: normal Milestone: 1.4.0-Monrovia
Component: Campcaster Studio Version:
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When you try to upload a WAV file in Studio, it says its a unsupported type.

Change History

11/17/06 00:39:19 changed by paul

I was able to upload a WAV file through CC-Web and it played fine in studio.

11/21/06 20:15:04 changed by fgerlits

This would not be easy to implement right now, because we use TagLib to read the length of the audio clip, and TagLib does not support WAV. It supports MPC (musepack) and FLAC, so those could be added easily.

Gstreamer 0.10 can read audio lengths, so when we switch to that, this will be easy to do. Or maybe it can be done with 0.8, too? I don't know how much extra work that would be.

11/23/06 16:57:03 changed by paul

  • milestone changed from 1.1.0-Freetown to 1.1.5 - Radio Package.

12/05/06 20:24:26 changed by paul

  • milestone changed from 1.1.5 - Radio Package to 1.2.0-Belgrade.

03/05/07 13:51:38 changed by paul

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08/02/07 11:54:33 changed by douglas

  • owner changed from anonymous to markey.
  • milestone changed from future to 1.3.0-Dakar.

According to markey, Amarok has a custom plugin for WAV support; it would be good to either add that plugin to our TagLib or hope that the upstream developer can include the plugin directly into TagLib.

08/02/07 14:31:36 changed by douglas

This is also related to #1837.

01/18/08 06:39:21 changed by sava

  • owner changed from markey to nebojsa.
  • milestone changed from 1.3.0-Dakar to 1.4.0-Monrovia.

We're on GStreamer 0.10 now, let's at least analyze this again.