September 14, 2009

Campware on Twitter and

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Twitter users can now follow @campware for the latest news and activity from, including activity on this site and on the Campsite and Campcaster Trac servers, which monitor bug reports, feature requests and code commits from developers. It's also a good way to reach us directly.

Campware's Twitter presence came as a result of discussions at this year's SummerCAMP '09 developers' event in Berlin about ways to increase public awareness of Campware's up-to-the-minute activity.

"Like everyone these days, we're trying to make our presence felt more on social networks, partially as a way to see how these services can be used by our user community, and partially because it's pretty interesting stuff on its own," says Campware's Douglas Arellanes (user @dougiegyro if you're wondering).

The Campware Twitter account uses the Twitterfeed service to aggregate multiple RSS sources: Currently it's the RSS and Campcaster and Campsite Trac feeds, but others may be added as necessary - or, depending on how things go, the feeds may be split.

"TwitterFeed's interesting for news publishers as well - you can turn any RSS feed or group of feeds into a Twitter or many other microblogging accounts really quickly," said Campware's Sava Tatić (@tictactatic).

And to keep things interesting on the open source front as well, the Campware tweets are also published on the service (we're user @campware there). " runs on an open source microblogging platform called that Campware has had its eye on for a while now; if Twitter ever changes its terms of service to something draconian, it's good to have other options," Tatić says.


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