Welcome to the Campsite Developers Page!

Campsite is a multilingual content management system (CMS) for news websites developed by Centre for Advanced Media, Prague, a part of the Media Development Loan Fund.

Campsite's easily localizable user interface was built with the end user (journalist/editor/publisher) in mind and it can be configured to suit different profiles of end users – to each according his or her own technological prowess.

Campsite follows the print-newspaper publishing paradigm, so it structures sites by default as Publications > Issues > Sections > Articles. Campsite works best for medium-to-large-size online news publications, but it is capable of handling nimbler sites too. Some of its main features are highly customizable user interface, total design freedom for web designers, automatic creation of archives, copy flow, and built-in subscription support.

Starting Points

Want to access the latest code?

To access the subversion repository, use this URL:

svn checkout svn://code.campware.org/campsite/trunk/campsite

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New Version Announcements

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